In the middle of the noise ,,

I can’t hear anything ,,

In the middle of the shine ,,

I can’t see any light ,,

In the middle of my friends ,,

I feel as the strange ,,

In the middle of the people ,,

I feel so lonely ,,

cause I’m here alone ,,

without any friends ,,

I searched for a friend ,,

But every body busy of themselves ,,

I want someone ,,

Take my hand ,,

Help me to go forward up to top of the long life stare ,,

And walk with me over the old bridge ,,

Walk and walk to reach the truth paradise ,,

Where we can live as birds ,,

Cause we are (( FRIEND SHIP Birds ))


wonderful topic

thanks sister

keep it up

great effort
thanks alot
Wonderful topic
I enjoyed reading it
Thanks so much sis for sharing
,,, and waiting to see
more and more form you ,,
Take care
nice words
really wondrful
it is nice
i hope accept me as a friend
The life without friends it’s like cemetery
many people around you but no one can help you , talk to you , listen to you ..

the best Friends .. with us for ever ..

see ya … NJOUD

thank you so much

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